Interested in getting involved?

One of the most powerful things you can do is talk about these stories with your friends, family, and community. Share resources about the legacy of nuclearism in the American West, and help keep this history alive. 


To share your story of life downwind, visit the Downwinders of Utah Archive website


To support downwinders and uranium-impacted people, add your voice to the efforts to expand RECA, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program. 


To get involved with efforts working to address the ongoing uranium contamination crisis, visit the Southwest Research and Information Center. Urge your elected officials to support increased funding for the Uranium Mines Tailing Remedial Action Project (which is facing a 14% cut to its Environmental Cleanup Fund)  to help clean up over 10,000 toxic uranium sites in 14 Western states.   


To support efforts to prevent of the resumption of nuclear testing in Nevada and advocate for a clean environment for Utahans, visit Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah.


To raise your voice for the control and abolition of nuclear weapons,