"Bringing home the truth that all wars-- no matter how conceptual they may seem-- occur in actual places, where actual people live, grow food and raise children."


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Compelling, well written, and meticulously researched.
— David Mills, Montana, The Magazine of Western History
Combining the intricacies of the official record with the complicated narratives of the individuals she interviewed, Fox provides texture and insight into becoming and being downwind within the framework of both nuclear testing and uranium mining.”
— Leisl Carr Childers, Environmental History
Fox’s account provides a welcome addition to the literature on the nuclear West made richer with new voices of those who lived and labored on the front lines of the Cold War.
— Andrew Kirk, Western Historical Quarterly
Fox effectively shows how the stories of regular people are to be trusted more than the words of the government and the experts when the latter are lying in a misguided attempt to protect national security.
— Doug Brugge, PhD, MS, Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
This book also sheds light on the present, challenging us to wonder what ‘official fictions’ are being constructed today. We can learn from the downwinders, recognize the connection between living systems and act to protect our lives and the planet we depend on before more disasters occur.
— Samantha Claire Updegrave, High Country News
Fox gives the history of the nuclear age back to the people who had it written in their bones. The testimony she captured is both shocking and inspiring.
— Chip Ward, author of Canaries on the Rim: Living Downwind in the West

Downwind offers a provocative and engaging new history of the suffering sustained by southwestern communities in the aftermath of nuclear testing and radioactive fallout.
— Michael Wise, Southwestern Historical Quarterly