Sarah Fox is a Seattle author, folk historian, mother and waitress.  She holds a Master’s Degree in History and Folklore from Utah State University and a Bachelors Degree in American Studies from the Evergreen State College.  Her work has appeared in Montana: The Magazine of Western History, the Western Historical Quarterly, and Sunspace.   Her first book, Downwind: A People’s History of the Nuclear West, was published by University of Nebraska Press in November 2014. A paperback edition of Downwind is slated to apPEAR IN SEPTEMBER 0F 2018.

Sarah continues to gather testimonies documenting the experiences of American Westerners living with the impacts of radiological exposure. She speaks on Downwind regularly to students, community groups, book clubs, and nonprofits, and teaches workshops on her methodology as a writer and folk historian. She is currently serving as a guest faculty in university of Puget Sound's Environmental POLICY AND DECISION MAKING Program, where she teaches"Nuclear Narratives of the American West," a course based on her research.